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Nov 04, 2015 at 07:26 AM

RFQ Release strategy issues with characteristic- Doc type and net value


Hello Experts,

Current release strategy is for PO, PR and Scheduling agreements with following Characteristics:

1. Plant

2. Purchasing Group

3. Document type (Purchasing) - CEKKO-BSART

4. Value - CEKKO-GNETW

I wanted to extend it to RFQ Document,


Problem-1(Doc. type): the Purchasing document type is not valid for RFQ as it contains only Doc types for PO and PR (no AN. doc type in their) !

What i did: maintained a new blank Doc type in this characteristic and selected this blank value in new release strategy for the RFQ, (still no success)

Problem-2:(Net value): Net value field not available in RFQ to trigger the strategy !

What i did: tried with different combinations like- keeping it blank, <=0 , >=0 , =0 but still not getting triggered !

Additionally i maintained a new Characteristic for the same class as the Purchasing Document category (CEKKO-BSTYP) and maintained it correctly for all the current release strategies. i.e. for the release strategy for RFQ it is maintained as A (RFQ) which is correct.

I checked the consistency in OMGSCK and all green traffic lights (everything seems OK) !

Can anybody please suggest what could have been missing in the current config ? i cannot see anything wrong in the current scenario.

I read most of the questions on SCN as well but could not get the exact situation !

Is there any enhancement needed for this situation ?