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Material Number Template setting


Given below is the requirement for new template for a new material type. Today we have material types MATLTYPE1 & MATLTYPE2 working fine in our system with the below settings

MATLTYPE1 - External Number Assignment Without Validation is “Ticked” in Tcode: OMS2 and number range is not assigned in Tcode: MMNR. Sample material number format is “ANNNNNN.NNNNN” (or) “NNN.NNN.NNNNN” (or) “ANNNNNNNNN”. (A – Alphabetic, N – Numeric).

MATLTYPE2 – Ext.Number Assignment Without Validation is “UnTicked” in tcode: OMS2 and number range is assigned in Tcode: MMNR. From Number 000000000000000000 to number ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and External Indicator is “ticked”. Sample material number format is “NNN”

Now we got a request for new material type with material number masking. The materials in this new material type should be shown in the format of “NNNNNN-NNNN-NNN”. For example material entered as 1234 should be displayed and stored as 000000-0001-234. And material entered as 12345678 should be displayed as 000001-2345-678.

Please provide your recommendation on how to fulfill this request without any impact on the existing material types MATLTYPE1 & MATLTYPE2



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2 Answers

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    Posted on Nov 04, 2015 at 07:57 AM

    How did you make it work for your MATLTYPE1?


    These are already 3 different templates, but SAP provides on 1 which is valid for all material types

    Do you enter the dots manually, are they part of the material number even in the data base?

    In that case this template “NNN.NNN.NNNNN” would also be a alpha material number and left aligned in the MATNR field in the data base, instead of pure numeric number where the dots come from the template just for visability

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    • Former Member Jürgen Lins

      Hi Jurgen,

      This sure comes at the right time. I was investigating method to extend Material master for certain client too.

      So if I understand this properly:

      Option 1

      OSS note 78093 - Display of alternative material identifiers

      This method can be applied for the standard ERP by using the MARA-BISMT field and using those conversion exit as specified in the notes. My understanding is that, you just have to maintain conversion exit and index for MARA-BISMT, and for example, you create a PO through ME21N, you can enter a record exceeding 18 character (though the note also says some column display length will not automatically stretch above 18 chars and thus will require scrolling.)

      I have also searched for changes to MARA-BISMT and some users mention that this field cannot be changed exceeding 18 char (thus invalidating the note above?)

      Option 2

      1597790 - Activation of Long Material Number in DIMP

      This is from your other post, Length of MARA-BISMT 'old material number' | SCN

      I cant test this, but this should be a straight forward configuration available only to Industry solution installations?

      Anyway, thanks for the post it provided a lot of info to go with.

  • author's profile photo Former Member
    Former Member
    Posted on Nov 04, 2015 at 07:57 AM

    This can be achieved but same settings as you done for first material type.

    The system cannot assign based on your requirement but you can enter manually in the format as you needed while creating material.

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