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Custom Code Management

Hello everyone!!!!

I am trying to configure  CCM using solman(SS1) for R/3 system(RS1).During configuration process i do have some errors.Could someone help me out.

1) In the step 6.2 i am unable to activate SQLM extractor(error:SQLM extractor template does not exist). Rest of the extractors(CC Gen,CC Ref,UPL,CCLM,CC Similarity,ATC) are activated Successfully.

2)How to check activated extractors are functioning good?

3)In the step 7.2 SM_CCL:LUSG_XX_XXXX and SM_CCL_QUAL_XX_XXXX Jobs failed(Error: SM_CCL:LUSG_XX_XXXX was aborted ) same error with QUAL.

From  the job log reason for job failure for QUAL  is "No Data found in Custom Objects InfoCube (0SM_ATC) for system XXX"  and for LUSG is " No Data found in Custom Objects InfoCube (0SM_UPL) for system XXX".

4)In the step 8.4 even though i scheduled the job "SM:AGS_CC_BUSI_CRIT_XXX" it is still showing Gray symbol instead of green.

5)  From my knowledge we need to configure ATC on RS1. if that rite,what would be the values in "master system". and how to cross check ATC configuration is successful.

Actually all ATC,CCLM,SQLM,UPL cubes are active on my SS1 system.

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    Nov 05, 2015 at 03:41 PM

    Hi Sandeep,

    just some hints:

    1.) The missing SQLM template indicates that something went wrong with the last upgrade/SP implementation. This can only be solved directly in the system, therefore you shoud open an incident. This is not a showstopper as SQLM data were just collected in BW cubes, but no Solution Manager application is using this data right now.

    2.) Please have a look at the "how-to-guide" for CCLM which is available here in scn. Short explanation:

    Step 6.2 is only scheduling the extractor jobs. To check if an extractor run was

    successful please open the extractor framework. To open the extractor framework UI

    just click on the link "Extractor Framework Admin UI" in step 6.2 on top of the table

    listing the systems. In the extractor UI you can filter for the system and the name

    *cust* to check the custom code extractors. Every extractor runs through different

    phases. You can see them if you select an existing extractor run in the table below the

    list of extractors. The extractor phases will be listed below the runs in a new table. At

    least three phases are needed "Extractor", "Dataloader" and "Finalizing". To check if an

    extractor run was successful all phases have to appear in the table and all phase must

    show a green light. These extractors need a Read-RFC connection.

    3.) It seems that the extractors do not extract data. Please make sure that there is a successful run of the extractor before the collectors of 7.2 can collect data. See as well the "how-to-guide".

    4.) Do you have enough data to run criticality analysis? This is also a two step approach. For more details please check again the guide.

    5.) Yes if you go for the "local" solution in 7.1 you need to configure ATC in the managed system. To ckeck if an ATC check was performed successfully just check the results in the managed system itself. After you get results in the managed system, the extractor will be able to extract the result into the cubes and after that the quality collector can collect the data for CCLM.

    Best regards,


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