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Nov 03, 2015 at 04:48 PM

Reg - Performance of Stored Procedure


Hello Experts

I am seeing performance issues when calling a stored Procedure.

Let me explain my requirement.

1. Defined a 2 Calculation Views, with 2 input parameters (Parameterized) (not complex logic)

2. Created another calculation view, making a union of two other calculation views

I could execute this 2nd View from SQL console in 0.1 seconds (when fetched 56 rows)

But, when I call the same view from a stored procedure (with same input parameters) it is taking 1.1 seconds approx.

same response time from xsjs or sql console (slightly higher when called from xsjs, around 0.1 seconds difference)

Just trying to understand, if the performance degrades when calling a calculation view from a stored procedure?

We can call the view, directly from a XSJS file. But as part of requirement, we need to use a stored procedure.

Please let me know, if someone has any idea about this situation