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Nov 03, 2015 at 04:56 PM

Json in SQL Anywhere16


Hello All,

I am trying to use Json for complex structure.

I am able to create Json for simple structure with help of Json Raw and Auto but I am not sure how I will be able to implement below complex structure.

Below is the sample Json structure which I am trying to implement.

Another problem is, in our database, User information is storing along with Address in same table. If I will use Json Auto, it won't return data in another array inside User Array.

I also need information about how I can decode same structure back to normal table.


"request": {

"urgent": "boolean",

"form_id": "string",

"state": "STATE",

"memo": "string",

"User": {

"first_name": "required string",

"middle_name": "string",

"last_name": "required string",

"date_of_birth": "date",

"gender": "GENDER",

"email": "EMAIL",

"member_id": "string",

"pbm_member_id": "string",

"phone_number": "string",

"address": {

"street_1": "string",

"street_2": "string",

"city": "string",

"state": "STATE",

"zip": "zip"




Thanks in advance.