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Json in SQL Anywhere16

Hello All,

I am trying to use Json for complex structure.

I am able to create Json for simple structure with help of Json Raw and Auto but I am not sure how I will be able to implement below complex structure.

Below is the sample Json structure which I am trying to implement.

Another problem is, in our database, User information is storing along with Address in same table. If I will use Json Auto, it won't return data in another array inside User Array.

I also need information about how I can decode same structure back to normal table.



  "request": {

    "urgent":                  "boolean",

    "form_id":                 "string",

    "state":                   "STATE",

    "memo":                    "string",

    "User": {

      "first_name":            "required string",

      "middle_name":           "string",

      "last_name":             "required string",

      "date_of_birth":         "date",

      "gender":                "GENDER",

      "email":                 "EMAIL",

      "member_id":             "string",

      "pbm_member_id":         "string",

      "phone_number":          "string",

      "address": {

        "street_1":            "string",

        "street_2":            "string",

        "city":                "string",

        "state":               "STATE",

        "zip":                 "zip"




Thanks in advance.

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    Nov 12, 2015 at 05:14 PM

    Hello Anal,

    I believe you have opened a support incident for this question and I have been working directly with you.

    I have replied via the incident on how to write query to convert table to complex JSON structure and converting complex JSON structure to table as per your requirement. 

    Thank you,

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    • Former Member

      Yes Chang... Thanks for the help and query...

      Below is the whole script starting from creating Json with inner Array and Parsing back to normal table.


      // Create Table

      CREATE TABLE "User" (

      "id" NUMERIC(10,0) NOT NULL,

      "lastname" VARCHAR(50) NULL,

      "firstname" VARCHAR(50) NULL,

      "address" VARCHAR(100) NULL,

      "zip" VARCHAR(9) NULL, PRIMARY KEY ( "id" ASC )

      ) IN "system";

      // Insert Data

      Insert into "User" values (1,'John','Jony','Street 10, Andrew


      Insert into "User" values (2,'Jason','Jack','Street 50, Moon


      Insert into "User" values (3,'John','Jony','Street 20, Mars


      Insert into "User" values (4,'Jill','Jill','Street 90, Rors


      // Parse data to Json format

      select DISTINCT "User"."firstname", "User"."lastname",

      "address"."address" as street_1, "address"."zip" from dba."User" as


      (select DISTINCT "User"."address", "User".firstname, "User"."zip" from

      dba."User" as "User", dba."User" as User2 where "User".firstname =

      User2.firstname and

      "User".id != GROUP BY "User"."address", "User"."firstname",

      "User"."lastname", "User"."zip") AS "address"

      WHERE "User"."firstname" = "address"."firstname" ORDER BY 1 FOR JSON


      // Alternate way by using Json Explicit

      // Parse data back to normal table


          -- Create variable and table


          CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS tdata (FirstName long varchar, LastName

      long varchar, street_1 long varchar, zip long varchar);

          DELETE FROM tdata;

          -- Sample data

          SET json_data =

      '[{"User":{"firstname":"Jony","lastname":"John","address":[{"street_1":"Street 10, Andrew Corner","zip":"12345"},{"street_1":"Street 20,

      MarsCorner","zip":"56878"}]}}] ';

          -- Parse JSON

          CALL sp_parse_json('sarray',json_data);

          -- Insert into table

          INSERT INTO tdata (FirstName, LastName, street_1, zip)






          FROM sa_rowgenerator(1,CARDINALITY(sarray[[1]]."User".address));

          SELECT * FROM tdata;