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Nov 03, 2015 at 02:37 PM

Webdispatcher: Syntax error using modification handler



I have a problem with our webdispatcher (7.42 Patchlevel 224) on a SuSe Linux System. I want to use it for multiple systems by using the modification handler like in

Configuring SAP Web Dispatcher to Dispatch Requests to Different Systems - User Interface Add-On for SAP NetWeaver - SAP…

wdisp/system_conflict_resolution = 1 is set and I defined a modification file:

icm/HTTP/mod_0 = PREFIX=/,FILE=/usr/sap/WDP/SYS/profile/modification_rule.txt

I want to modify the target sid depending on the URL. If the statement „o=SCM“ is in it, SCM should be set via SetHeader.

if %{PATH} regimatch *o=SCM*

SetHeader x-sap-webdisp-target-sid SCM [break]

When I enter this statement in modification_rule.txt the webdispatcher will not start.

FATAL: HttpModHandlerInit: Error processing rule file /usr/sap/WDP/SYS/profile/modification_rule.txt: syntax error in line 2: >if %{PATH} regimatch *o=SCM* <. See SAP note 1918448.

The syntax error seems to be related to the asteriscs (*) because a statement like

if %{PATH} regimatch o=SCM

SetHeader x-sap-webdisp-target-sid SCM [break]

works, but is the wrong regular expression and can not be used for my purposes. What ist the problem with the asteriscs? I tried it with "*o=scm*" and '*o=SCM*'. The later does not give the syntax error but again its the wrong regular expression.

Any idea is welcome... 😊


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