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Nov 03, 2015 at 01:39 PM

Wrong number of records loaded from HANA


Hello everybody.

I am facing a weird situation, that seems to me something related to Cache, but I couldn't find the root cause to try to fix it permanently.

I have a daily Dataservices job, that reads data from a Calculation view in SAP HANA and inserts this data into a SQL table.

What happens is that it doesn't load the correct number of records everyday. Some days, it loads the data from the day before, as if it was in cache in Dataservices. If I Preview the data from the calculation view, it shows me the correct records. If I ask to preview the data of this "table" (calc. view) in Dataservices, it also shows me the correct number of records... but when I execute the job, it brings me records that are not present in the calc. view anymore.

To make it work, I have to redeploy the calc. view in SAP HANA and then, when I run the job in Dataservices, it brings the correct records.

Has anyone been through a situation like this?

The environment version is SAP BO Dataservices 4.0 Patch 3.

Thanks and regards,