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Nov 03, 2015 at 11:10 AM

Query on declaration of SQL Variable in storedprocedure in sap PI 7.3.1 single stack.


Hi Sap-mates!!

Need your help another time.

I'm struggling with a requirement where I need to declare sql variables before executing stored procedure. I couldn't get any related content in scn hence posting my query here.

I have understood from other sql/oracle related web-sites that we need to insert the variables/fields first into temp table/scalar & then execute stored procedure.

Below is the declaration statement, that I'm trying to work with sap pi.

declare @temp CompMasterTable

INSERT INTO @temp VALUES('5000', 'DangerousGoods', '501', 5,)

INSERT INTO @temp VALUES('5001', 'DangerousGoods', '502', 6,)

EXEC dbo.CompMaster @temp

As below Declared variables in Insert statement


<MAT action="INSERT">











Executed SP


<sproc_MAT action="EXECUTE">


<insert_statement type="varchar"></insert_statement>



I know something is wrong could you please guide me