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India regional tax reporting per plant

Dear team,

we are in a late phase of the rollout in India. We have one company code, 2 plants and one global controlling area. Both locations produce parts for merged or separated projects.  We use the old GL in finance.

The localization is basically finished but the tax reporting per region is a big issue. The bussines told us that there is the follwing need:

To fulfill the legal reporting requirement following information is needed:

  1. Plant-wise sales
  2. Plant-wise purchase
  3. Plant-wise tax details i.e. CENVAT, VAT, CST, Service Tax and Entry Tax etc.
  4. Plant-wise asset
  5. Plant-wise manufacturing expense report i.e. Energy cost etc.
  6. Plant-wise other expenses like ….

We did not got any more detailed information up to now.

The usage of the business are is not fullfilling the splitt on the tax of the balance sheet account. The business area is not visible on the tax account. The log report F.5F makes the correction but it is only a logreport and cant be used for additional reports.

To duplicate the tax accounts per plant also does not bring the right result.

Did any company had the same need? Do you have more information of the legal need for this local reporting? How did you solve it.

Thanks for your help

Dieter Valentin

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    Nov 04, 2015 at 01:47 PM


    You can view the list of sales orders in VA05 with plant as the selection criteria. Though Plant is not included in the Further Selection Criteria, you can add this by following the below steps.,

    Goto IMG - Sales & Distribution - Sales - Lists - Define Selection Criteria - execute

    In the screen - goto New Entries and add the following details..

    1. Program Name - SAPMV75A

    2. TRG (Transaction Group) - 0

    3. Display Group - K

    4. Event - SELK

    5. It - 8

    6. Field Name - WERKS

    Enter the details and save the changes. Goto VA05 and you can see the field PLANT in the Fur Sel Criteria.


    This requirement can be met with multiple ways. So, it depends on business scenario.

    a) Maintaining plant wise purchase document type. Where each plant has its own document type. This is the last resort and not at all recommended as things may go wrong badly. Configuration looks like this.

    Plant 0001 Should create only PO type NB and PR type NB

    Plant 0002 Should create only PO type ZNB and PR type ZNB

    TCode : OLME

    Create new PR type by copying NB (all dependencies): ZNB  <<<Separate number range can be used

    Create new PO type by copying NB (all dependencies) : ZNB <<< Separate number range can be used

    To avoid accidental assignment of (by users)

    Remove linkage of NB PO type to ZNB PR type

    Remove linkage of ZNB PO type to NB PR type

    TCode: OMDT

    Assign PR type per plant per MRP Group for MRP generated PR's

    Once MRP is run for materials PRs are created as follows plant 0001 type NB and plant 0002 type ZNB, when they run ME57 to create POs from PRs, ZNB PO type will default to PR types ZNB and NB type to NB.

    Authorization objects to be changed for each plant respectively (go to SU21 to look up)

    Users of Plant 0001 can only create NB type PR and NB type PO

    Purchase Order:


    Purchase Requisition:


    M_BANF_WRK  ACTVT=01;WERKS= 0001 ;

    Users of Plant 0002 can only create ZNB type PR and ZNB type PO

    Purchase Order:


    Purchase Requisition:


    M_BANF_WRK  ACTVT=01;WERKS= 0002 ;

    Ofcourse you need to create output message config for each PO type.

    b) You can create purchasing views per plant. The data will be stored in table LFM2 then. (LFM1 has the data at pruchasing org level).

    go XK02 and into the purchasing org data view.

    choose from menu Extras > additonal purchasing data

    on the pop-up set the flag for data retention at plant level. click copy.

    Back on purchasing org data view click the button for alternative data.

    You get a pop-up again.

    enter the plant for which you want maintain alternative data. set the flag for purchasing org and/or partner data  that you want maintain at plant level. click copy.

    Now you can enter your data.

    3.Plant-wise tax details i.e. CENVAT, VAT, CST, Service Tax and Entry Tax etc.

    As you asked tax config for India,  create State-wise VAT & CST GL accounts.

    We defined State-Wise Tax codes & GL Accounts & assigned then in OB40. So, Creating seperate plant wise tax codes and assigning them in appropriate tax condion records VK11 and maintiaing GLs in OB40 - this is better option as to my knowledge.

    4. Plant-wise asset

    You can simply run the T.code AR01- Asset Balance Report and can achieve the  required output. Mention your compnay code, cost center, plant, depreciation area, if you want enter your asset numebr, use sort variant 0001. And select List asset radio button on screen.

    Once executed, the Assets will be listed with balance.

    5. Plant-wise Manufacturing Expense:

    This is a big one and I recommend you to know the concept of cost-center in FICO and how to use it with plants. There are lot of documents regarding this and below one is one-such.

    Expense Analysis and Splitting in Manufacturing Cost Centers

    6. Plant-wise other expenses.

    This is also described well in the above document.

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