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Nov 03, 2015 at 07:43 AM

A by-product in the FG Production



We are in make-to-order scenario (variant material).

We are planning to have a new bye-product in our FG process.

Each Make-to-order will have same bye-product but cost will be different as the Sales order cost is different for each customer order.

Hence we will create separate material codes for this by product for each production.

I will make this material as 'costing relevant' and in the BOM it will be set with 'negative quantity'.

Since this is a by-product, it should have normally price control 'S', I think.

I am little confused about :

* How the cost of this by-product will be captured in the material master ? (Since it is 'Standard Price', GR will not update the price, right ?)

* Do we need to run CK40N for this by-product to update the price ?

Please offer your comments.