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C4C Analytics - Is it must to have a view when creating custom report ?


I am not very clear on why always a view to a custom report is created ? Is it like report can not be run without a view or something ?

from conceptually, Report view is a variation to the report's data representation. I also understand that view can have key figures and Characteristics that are subset of the Report's key figure and characteristics and  a view can have 1) a different chart representation than original report, 2) conditions and exceptions on the key figures.

However, after creating a report using Wizard, the next steps are always creating a view and assign.

I am not very clear on why we must create a view ? or for that matter - is it a must task ? I dont think so - but just wanted someone to confirm the same with some elaboration.

Thank you for your time.



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2 Answers

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    Nov 04, 2015 at 12:31 AM

    Views enable you to set up one or more variations on which key figures and characteristics appear in the report, and the type of chart that appears for the report. Once you assign a report to a work center, you can select the view which appears in the end user reports list. You create a view by choosing key figures and characteristics for columns and rows in a table, then selecting a chart type to best represent that data. When you create a view you can also define conditions and exceptions for key figures that alter how your data is presented based on rules and thresholds.

    • Conditions: Create a condition to limit the data shown to that which fits the defined rules.
    • Exceptions: Set a threshold beyond which the data display is altered to display an alert indicator.

    Thank you.

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  • Nov 04, 2015 at 02:35 AM

    I did a bit of research and below are my findings around it.

    1) It is not MUST to have a view but it is always good to have a View.

    2) A report is created to bring to life the data and analysis that business needs. However, a view is that subset of this big report that business will use in day to day basis.

    3) A view is needed Mainly because  A Report is generally a very big data set - which can have one data source by itself or a custom datasource created by combining or joining  multiple Data sources. However, business may not need all those attribute to get the analysis out of it for daily business needs, rather they would need this data tailored to their daily reporting needs. View exactly gives this opportunity to tailor the vast amount of data from a large report into smaller reports - which are also called as Selection views.



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