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Nov 03, 2015 at 05:52 AM

System Post Inconsistent Data in Info Type 0001


Dear Experts,

Employee data in info type 0001 become inconsistent. The scenario is given below for your perusal:

  • User execute the transaction code PA41 to change leaving date of employee
  • PA41 wizard start and system goes in some abnormal behavior
  • Leaving date updated as entered, in info type 0000
  • System post the inconsistent data in info type 0001
    • Field BUKRS was updated with “1201”. This company code does not exists in the system
    • Field WERKS was updated with “S31”. This personal area does not exists in the system
    • All other fields has no data. As shown in below screen shot “SCREEN01.jpg”

Due to this we could not update the employee record in info type 0001.

Kindly suggest us the solution and explain the reason of inconsistent post so that we avoid such inconsistency in the future.

Thanks and regards,

Iftikhar Ali


SCREEN01.JPG (50.6 kB)