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Nov 02, 2015 at 11:03 PM

Create Webi Report from scratch using BO SDK and API?


Im trying to develop a JAVA application to create a Webi Report from scratch using BO SDK and BO Restful API. I managed to create an empty Webi Report using the API but I cannot create a report based on a universe or add data provider information to it. Since im a beginner with SAP BO and Webi reports I tried creating some simple webi report by using the API but the API can only create empty dataproviders. Unlike other webi reports that have dataproviders, I cannot define the dictionary structure like in this example or add queries for that matter:



<name>Query 1</name>









<expression qualification="Dimension" dataType="DateTime">


<name>Created Date</name>


<formulaLanguageId>[Created Date]</formulaLanguageId>


<expression qualification="Dimension" dataType="String">


<name>First Name</name>


<formulaLanguageId>[First Name]</formulaLanguageId>


<expression qualification="Dimension" dataType="String">







<query>SELECT event.createdDate, event.firstName, FROM event</query>


How can I create a Webi document off a universe or create an empty webi document and add dataprovider and query information to it?