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BEx Selection Options settings not working in 4.1 SP6 PL3

This past week, we upgraded our Sandbox system to BIP 4.1 SP6 PL3.  I was looking forward to testing the new features that allow manual entry and improved options for BEx variable prompts that employ SELECT-OPTIONS.  Unfortunately, the multiple value selection for select-options doesn't seem to be working either in the WebI Rich Client or the HTMLD and Java applications.

I have followed steps in the blog pages below and set “–” both in my registry for the Rich Client and also in the command-line parameters for the APS servers on our BIP, but my testing scenario continues to show an interval rather than multiple value selection as expected.  I have even purged the document and tried creating a new document with no difference.

Clearly I'm either missing a step, or this feature is not working in the current patch level.  Has anyone else had the same experience and found a resolution?


How to enable multi value option in Web Intelligence for Selection option variables coming from BW

Enhancement to SAP BW integration in BI 4.1 SP05

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    Nov 02, 2015 at 04:45 PM

    Hi Chris,

    This is caused by new DSL-BICS configuration mechanism with properties file
    which is taking precendence over command line arguments specified in server

    From BI 4.1 SP 06 onwards, below two files are automatically generated by a
    running DSL:

    1. DSLBICSConfiguration.xml - This file contains all available
      options and their default values. This file should not be
    2. DSLBICSConfiguration_custom.xml - This file contains all
      options with end-user specified values.

    These files will be located in the disk directory from where the DSL proccess

    loads the DSL Java libraries. For the BI Platform Adaptive Processing
    and the Web Intelligence Rich Client interface,

    it will be by default at:

    <INSTALLATION_ROOT>/SAP BusinessObjects
    Enterprise XI 4.0/java/lib/

    Alternatively, a file may be explicitly identified
    via command-line option for the DSL:\myDSLBICSConfiguration.xml

    and custom options should be configured in that file.


    1. Navigate to the file DSLBICSConfiguration_custom.xml.
    2. Edit the file and change the following entry key:

      < entry
      entry key="variableComplexSelectionMapping">multivalue</entry>
    3. Restart the APS containing DSL bridge service for the changes to take

    Note: These solution steps applies to both Webi Rich client as well as BI


    Saral Jain

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    • Hi Saral,

      One last question, and feel free to point me to documentation if it's out there.  When testing the multivalue behavior, I found that select-options on dates didn't work as expected.  I'm not able to enter a date interval (1/1/2015 - 3/31/2015) like I expected.  It simply won't accept that type of input, although it works fine with the string characteristics.

      I looked at note 2143472, which seems to address something similar, but indicates that it's fixed on SP6, PL0.  But I'm already on PL3.  Any ideas on this?

      Best regards,