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Nov 02, 2015 at 04:09 PM

BEx Selection Options settings not working in 4.1 SP6 PL3


This past week, we upgraded our Sandbox system to BIP 4.1 SP6 PL3. I was looking forward to testing the new features that allow manual entry and improved options for BEx variable prompts that employ SELECT-OPTIONS. Unfortunately, the multiple value selection for select-options doesn't seem to be working either in the WebI Rich Client or the HTMLD and Java applications.

I have followed steps in the blog pages below and set “–” both in my registry for the Rich Client and also in the command-line parameters for the APS servers on our BIP, but my testing scenario continues to show an interval rather than multiple value selection as expected. I have even purged the document and tried creating a new document with no difference.

Clearly I'm either missing a step, or this feature is not working in the current patch level. Has anyone else had the same experience and found a resolution?


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