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Interest document not included as an open item in invoicing


An interest document is posted while invoicing but it was not included in open item in DBERDL table. I checked in ERDB table where it shows the document type of this document is clearing document. Ideally document type in ERDB of this document should be "Print with invoice". The main sub of interest document is maintained in the configuration node of "Item selection in invoicing". Then also it does not included in DBERDL. what could be the reason?



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2 Answers

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    Posted on Dec 14, 2015 at 06:23 AM

    Finally after lots of brain storming and debugging I found the cause of the problem. We have set interest frequency of 15 days in config. So, whenever, a final invoice is created within this interval of 15 days, once an interest document has posted, system does not calculate interest using FM ISU_INV_INTEREST_ACTION, so it is not included in table DBERDL. But, once the invoice is generated and posted in FICA, at the time of clearing system calculates and posts interest document which is not included in DBERDL as it is clearing document.

    Special thanks to Amlan, for taking deep interest in the issue and try to give the resolution.



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  • Posted on Nov 02, 2015 at 08:42 PM

    Hi Viraj,

    I think the interest document was cleared by any outstanding payment on account/credit in the account maintenance run during invoicing.

    Are you finding any anomalies out there in the account maintenance run?



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    • Hi Amlan,

      I tired to create scenario in QA and sent to SAP. Actually I could not generate the same test case as in Production. In production I face issue while doing final move-out invoice. In QA, I was able to generate test case for periodic invoice.

      Here is what SAP has to say on my test case given for QA:

      I created invoice 300000031418 and and the related

      clearing document 11000061311 which have the transaction 0040. It's

      referring to the open items considered for invoicing. It turns out

      that these open items are not qualified for the interest process

      during invoicing for some reason (mostly credit amount) although

      the customizing for interest calculation seems to be OK. This happens


      (coding part *selection criteria debit/credit, open/cleared*) which is

      called out of ISU_INV_INTEREST_ACTION. That is the reason for not

      printing interest items onto the invoice. Now, the new interest

      document created during invoicing and having the transaction 0040 is

      created during FICA interest calculation and due to your customizing

      settings for "Interest Calculation Used with Clearing"

      (TFK000C-XZIAU). This flag is set and thus, clearing

      document 11000061311 with transaction 0040 was created. This item

      can't be printed onto the invoice since it is created after the

      invoicing process is already finished. It is created during the final

      FICA posting process due to your customizing settings. The customizing

      path is:


      Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable

      - Basic Functions

      -- Postings and Documents

      --- Basic Settings

      ---- Maintain Central Settings for Posting

      ------> "Interest Calculation Used with Clearing"

      docu: "Specifies that items are checked during clearing and that

      interest is calculated if required. If the indicator is set, the

      function module FKK_SAMPLE_2055 (Check Items for Interest calculation)

      is set."

      Moreover, Your customizing setting for "interest calculation

      during invoicing" (table TE502) the flag XINT_DEB was set to X

      meaning "debit interest" only. Thus, I recommend to check out the

      value B "debit and credit item" here. It could be that the result

      fits to your requirements and expectation then.