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Data not getting Populated in second Advance List Pane in the Embedded Component

Hi Experts,

I've Two Custom Business Object , all two have Association with Customer Business Object. Now Scenario Need to show a particular Customer's data of two Business Object in two different Advance List Pane/Table , similar to Functionality in Activities Tab where Phone Calls, Appointment,Email and Task, All are in different Advance List Pane/Table .

But when I tried do the same, first Advance List Pane/table is showing data properly but second one is not showing any thing.

Now let me explain what I did.

Step 1: Created New Embedded Component and Added two Advance List Pane in Designer Tab

Step 2: Went to Data Model Tab and then did binding of Two Data List to Custom Business Object respectively. And Binded it's field respectively.

Step 3 Created Structure Named ECInport and then add two data field with name AccountID and AccountUUID(for storing value coming from Inport)

Step 4: Created another Structure Named Search and then added two data field

A) AccountIDAlert


Step 5: Went to Controller Tab . In Controller Tab Created a Inport . In Inport Created Two Parameter which I Binded with Data Model Structure Fields

A) Parameter 1 Name: AccountID and binded to Field: /Root/Inport/AccountID

B) Parameter 2 Name: AccountUUID and Binded to Field /Root/Inport/AccountUUID

Step 6: In the Property Window of Inport Added a Event hadler which will do following Operation

A) Do Data Operation and Pass the data from field /Root/Inport/AccountID to Field /Root/search/AccountIDInteraction

B) Do Data Operation and Pass the data from field /Root/Inport/AccountID to Field /Root/search/AccountIDAlert

C) Do Execute Default Set Operation and trigger Default Set of Interaction

D) Do Execute Default Set Operation and trigger Default Set of Alert

Step 7: Went to Designer Tab Selected Each Advance List Pane and in Property Window added Respective Default Set

Step 8: Activated the Embedded Component

Step 9: Open COD_Account_TI in Extensibility Window Clicked Undefined, below in operations click Add View Embedded Component

Step 10: In the Popup, given Title and Selected Embedded Component and did the Binding Outport(PublicOutportECCustomerRoot) of Account to Inport of my Embedded Component

Expected Result both Advance List Pane will show data related to the Customer Account

But Only One Advance List Pane is showing data .

I'm stuck with this requirement, please let me know what I need to do so that both Advance List Pane show's data of there business object respectively for the particular Customer


Nabarun Barua

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1 Answer

  • Feb 06, 2017 at 12:14 PM

    HI Expert,

    This issue got resolved after 1702 release, I recreated new Embedded Component and kept my focus on Binding.

    Issue might be because of Binding.


    Nabarun Barua


    Hi Expert,

    Issue got resolved I created new Embedded Component after release 1702 and kept focus on binding.

    Might be Binding Issue because of which I was not getting data.


    Nabarun Barua

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