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Nov 01, 2015 at 05:18 PM

Planning strategy MTO or MTS?


I have 2 requirements

1. Client has a requirement of producing finished material only when a sales order is eneterd in the system, and they want to tie sales order to production order because the shop floor people want to know some details about the customer when producing the product

2. Client some times (almost 50% of the time) produce some finished products to forecast (customer specific forecast) and keep them in stock.they do that by creating "dummy sales orders". by creating dummy sales orders, shopfloor knows who the customer is and they can produce the product based on some customer specific information. when the real sales order come, they will just attach the purcahse order to the dummy sales order and now the dummy sales order is the original sales order.

my goal is to stop creating this dummy sales orders (manual effort) and use PIR for producing some customer forecasted products. but my problem is

to satisfy requirement 1 - I need to chose MTO scenario

to satisfy requirement 2 - I need to chose MTS scenario, but if I chose MTS, then i wont get sales order to prod order link.if I chose MTO, then I cant use PIR to produce to stock.what is my best bet?