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Developing a planning Application

Hello Every one,

    I'm new to SAPUI5 and HANA Development, was able to develop analytical and CURD applications using ODATA Services. I have following questions to develop a application to do Business Planning where Users will enter data and call procedures etc.

   1. I was trying to understand the XSJS serices, when we should use ODATA and XSJS Services? What is the difference?

   2. In my application, we need to enable numeric columns for changes in the table. users can overwrite the data. They might execute / call a procedure which should process some logic and update the numeric field. If we execute or call the procedure again, it should consider the data from Buffer or Cache, not from DB and process the logic. We should be able to discard or save the data as a separate activity.

  1. Manually enter values

  2. explicitly call Save function

  3. Discard manually entered / transformed data after procedure calling values

  4. Calling procedure from Application, update the input enabled numeric fields. if we call the function again without saving, system should process procedure logic from Buffer / Cache, not DB.

   Could you please provide me some direction how to achive this?



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    Nov 01, 2015 at 05:35 PM

    Hi Benarji First of all, welcome to the world of HANA and XS. Lots of great stuff here. regarding your questions, here are some thoughts from personal experiences 1) I have used OData to expose data (XML or JSON) from my DB into my XS application and bind to tables, lists, etc. you may use it to do CRUD operations, however you will need to be very straightforward with table definitions, etc. OData allows for Server side binding. on the other hand with XS, you have more flexibility because you may use objects with more properties, etc. Since XSJS is based on Server side JavaScript, then you may do POST, GET, etc... and you may even do all the custom validations, error messages, etc  - in simple words.. it is more flexible than OData 2) not sure why you would need to save data from your cache as an update would invalidate your cache data, right?? anyways, via an ajax call to XSJS would be more code but more flexible for your process personally, I like OData for exposing data and straight forward binds while I would use XSJS for custom validation, error message handling, etc. hope this is a good beginning and again welcome to the world of SAP HANA and XS.

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         Thanks a lot for your response! I didn't completely understand your response. As you said, i will spend some time reading about it.