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Nov 01, 2015 at 05:24 AM

SAP DESIGN STUDIO: Triggering an event on Key Press



I am currently trying to find a way to save data input or refresh a page without an onclick event.

I have a Bex Query with exceptions that is displayed in a design studio application. Conditional formatting is enabled and in cases a number input by the user is outside a range, the cell concerned is correctly highlighted in red so that the user can change the value. My issue is that once the user changes to a correct value, he needs to click on a save/refresh button is order for for conditional formatting to reflect the new values. I.e, the cell will be highlighted in red until the user changes the value and then click on save/refresh.

This is quite a normal behavior since i set conditional formatting to true as a start up event.

Ideally would like the conditional formatting to reflect data changes when the user has pressed enter after entering the correct value instead of having to click on a button.

My question is that is there an on key press event that will allow me to call an internal button in the application or do a refresh? Or should I set conditional formatting to true at another place in the application rather than just start up?