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Nov 01, 2015 at 08:17 AM

Field Symbol modifiying using row position



I am stuck up with a requirement wherein I have a field symbol table and another field symbol work area.

FS Table:

Emts Desc Pr_3 Dseg Pr_5 Dseg Pr_7 Dseg

1 AAA 12 Acct Clnr Clk

2 BBB 9 HKpr Drvr Md

I have ALVgrid display which is the output tabstrip. The values I enter in the output display are fetched in the Fieldsymbol table.

The requirement is the percentage that has been entered in the first percentage column in our example Pr_3 (12%) is to be passed to all other percentage columns Pr_5, Pr_7 of the first row, similarly the same logic is to be applied to the second row (9%) to all other percentage columns. As the modification of field symbol table from <wa_fs> using index cannot be used in here I'm unable to fill the remaining rows of the field symbol table. Please suggest a measure for filling of the data in FS table ...