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Oct 31, 2015 at 12:35 PM

Error message deficit to sl unrestricted during stock adjustment


I have a got problem which is very important to resolve for my careers. I recently started to work on SAP WM module with mm. I got stuck in my first Assignment . It is happening during UAT.

My client is using Z Physical Verification.

They have customized it

for Enter count

Manual Count

Gift Count


Serial number alignment

Stock Adjustment

When We are doing serial alignment, when we click on stock adjustment it is showing an error for a particular material deficit to sl 2020 unrestricted for 5 qt.

I have difference in two location

SL Physical count system Count diffrence

2010 15 20 -5

2020 5 0 5

In Ls26

Count is

SL/Storage type

999 - 5 qt

2010 20 qt

2020 5 qt

Please advise what action I need to take ,

I have not found my answer in scn. Please help me