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Oct 31, 2015 at 11:54 AM

Combined Production Orders with APO integration



I wanted to understand if anyone has had experience in dealing with the Mill/Paper environment where an APO integration was involved. To be more specific, these industries need, what we call the "combined production orders". While we can use Block planning in APO (alongwith CDP) & promise orders using Capable-to-Promise to customers, what has remained a question to my mind is how do we create the combined production orders automatically (via CIF) once we've set the conversion from APO?

Mos of the implementations use some kind of external Trim optimization engines (greycon, X-trim, I see that SAP has a tool called TrimLight). SAP clearly has made provisions within the APO programming to connect with the trim tools. Are there instances of implementations that do not use these Trim tools & yet combine orders in ECC? If yes, how? I know the IS-Mill functionality has provisions to combine Sales Orders, Plnd Orders & Production Orders.