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Oct 30, 2015 at 08:44 PM

Cannot Change Object Type in CLMM



I'm using t-code CLMM to perform a SET AND CHANGE VALUES to perform a change against a characteristic within MSC2N that has a specific value and replace it with another. When I enter into CLMM and specify the class type as 023 Batch, the linked object type is MARA. Should this not be MCHA so I can locate all of the records that meet my characteristic value target and then perform the mass update?

I define the CLMM process as:

1. Enter the characteristic name, old value, and new value in the CHARS tab.

2. In the TARGET OBJS tab, I press the FIND OBJECT command button and find my batch class and press enter.

3. I leave all values in the VALUES column empty and click on FIND IN INITIAL CLASS and get results.

4. I press the SELECT ALL icon and press the green checkmark to transfer my selections to the next screen.

5. I press the MASS UPDATE icon to process and get messages relating to OBJECT xxxxxxx IS NOT SUITABLE FOR THE INTENDED CHANGES.

Nothing gets processed.

What is the issue and is it relating to the MARA object type linkage?

Thanks - Richard.