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Oct 30, 2015 at 05:44 PM

SAP Z-TABLE creation and migration from legacy, billions of records


We are in a situation where we need to create some Z tables, and migrate a few billion rows into each table from a legacy Oracle db source.

What are my options? I know LSMW BDC with recording of table-maintenance transaction screens might work, but the volume is too high.

Then we looked at BODS but it uses IDoc only, no direct-table maintenance (inserts, updates, deletes, reads).

The third option I guess is direct db-level operations but I am not sure if the Basis guys will grant that kind of access, and I also do not want to discuss this with them until I have explored all the options....

There is a fourth option which is SAP SLO.... I worked with some SAP-AG guys before on SLO implementations and those guys could go into any table and directly update it....

I am all ears... thanks guys!!!