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Oct 30, 2015 at 04:09 PM

Changing the partner address in a sales document


The situation is that someone manually changed an address on a sales order partner, and I'm trying to find out who did the change. (everyone is saying that they did not make the change)

When I create a sales order (VA01), it pulls in the partners and partner address from the customer master. This information is stored on table VBPA.

VBPA captures the customer master number, address number and a change indicator (D - customer master). If while in the sales order (VA01/VA02) I go to the partner tab and double click on the partner, it allows me to change fields on the address. The changes are saved in the address table (ADRC) with a new address number 90000xxxxx. If I go back and look at the partners on VBPA, I see that for the partner I changed, it has the new address number and the changed indicator is now (E - manually changed).

I can see that the address has been manually changed in the sales order, my question: is there anywhere to see WHO, or WHEN the new 90000xxxx address was created? When I look in the sales order, it captures other changes that are made, but not the change to the partner address. When I look at ADRC, I don't see a created by / on fields. The customer master is not changed in this situation, so it is not updated with the change.

Is there any other table that might capture the id that made the change and when the change was made?