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Oct 30, 2015 at 03:59 PM

add a button on the tab of products (customer quote)


Greetings 😊,

I need to add a button on the tab of products (customer quote), the button will execute a web service that will bring colors for each existing position on the grid of products, I added a new node in the items node of xbo customer quote called colors ,

which contains two fields will be completed for each position according to the colors you get from my web service, after for each position i add ovs, this ovs get the colors for each position , the problem is when I created my action on the item node ( xbo customerquote ) and then using the UI Designer and select button group , add action and activate my cod_quote_ti screen,

I my screen c4c customer quote of the web , the button is disabled and do not understand why,

please could help me on how to do that or give ideas, thank you very much for responding.


cq01.PNG (44.6 kB)
cq02.PNG (144.8 kB)
cq03.PNG (12.3 kB)