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Personas 3.0: Back Button Issue

Hi all,

Currently running Personas 3.0 and have created a flavor for the article master. I have a tile set up in the Fiori launchpad to run this flavor. This works correctly and the user is presented with a screen to enter an article number. Once they have done this, they are taken to a second screen with the article details.

My issue is the back button does not behave as expected. When hitting back on the second screen, it should take them back to the first screen with the article number input but it instead takes them to transaction /personas/launch.

Strangely, the button works as expected if running the flavor from the webGUI without being launched from Fiori.

Has anyone come across this issue?


I also get this issue if I run transaction from the webGUI and launch my flavor using its GUID. Instead of going back to the previous screen in the transaction the flavor is based on, it instead backs out to the flavor launcher. Not sure how to resolve this.

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    Posted on Oct 31, 2015 at 03:29 PM

    I'd recommend creating an incident about this.

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    • Hi Tobias,

      Thanks for the response. Is there a way to use the generic method and still have the Personas Flavor launch in a new tab?

      The rendering of the Flavor seems to be limited to a content area within Fiori when using this method as well. This results in large margins to either side of the Flavor. Is there a way to overcome this? When setting the application type as transaction, the Flavor will take up the all of the browser space.