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Oct 30, 2015 at 03:24 PM

Inforecord - PR item linkage in case of copy


Hi all gurus,

I implemented a DMS integration on several SAP backends (mostly ECC6, but also some 470 too).

Basically, users can create a specific inforecord type in CV01N transaction and attach a file,that can lately be bound to a Purchase Request item by means of the standard "Documents.." button available in ME5xN transactions.

Now, the problem occours when an user opens the ME51N enjoy transaction in order to create a new Purchase Request by copying an existing one which has attachments.

I've seen different behaviours:

- on some backends, documents attached to the "source" PR are not copied into the "target" one;

- on some others, documents attached to the "source" PR are copied into the "target" PR;

- lately, on few backends, documents attached to the "source" PR are APPARENTLY copied into the "target" PR: apparently because when the user saves the PR, the copied links disappear.

How can we modify such behaviour? Customer's desired behaviour is that any PR obtained by copy does NOT consider original's attached inforecords, so that the user has to start from scratch if he wants to link inforecords to the requisition.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and support.