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Oct 30, 2015 at 01:59 PM

Load Event and Automatic Dynpro Refresh


Hi Gurus,

I'm implementing a web dynpro with some traffic lights icons, when I load for the first time this dynpro I've to read from a custom table the status of my traffic lights, for example yellow for a process that is running in that moment or green for a completed process, for example if I open the dynpro and the traffic light of a running programm will be yellow, after 5 seconds the process ends. I have to automatically update the status of my traffic light to green and repeat this operation for example every 10 seconds and I can't to associate the refresh to any user event.

I should implement a method called the first time I open the dynpro and another one automatically called every 10 seconds for example, but user have to use the dynpro normally.