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Oct 30, 2015 at 12:34 PM

Cannot Assign User Licenses


Dear Experts,

I have upgraded a client from SAP Business One 2007 A PL 05 to 8.82 PL 05 and then to 9.1 PL 07. We requested SAP for 10 temporary professional licenses for the 9.1 PL 07 upgrade. I attached the license key successfully on the license manager. However on logging in, the License administration window shows Zero (0) professional licenses.

On the Components Tab, when I click on Professional number = 10 and available = 0. On the Assignment tab, Professional total assigned = 10. I have not assigned any user any license yet. I have clicked on all the users in the system and none of them have a license.

Why is the professional license Zero yet no assignment has been done? What could be the issue? See image

Reply highly appreciated. Thanks


License.png (25.0 kB)