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Oct 30, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Design Studio 1.5 row selection


Hey all,

I have got a issue (I am not sure if it is a issue) with the table selection.

I want a selectable table to filter values in another datasource. The idea is, that the user can select a specific project in the table and the application will filter the next detail layer on this project.

What I do:

Crosstab Options

So I created a crosstab and enable the select option:

  • Selection Type: Single
  • Selectable Area: Rows
  • Enable Hover Effect: True

Logic of select event:

var myfilter=CROSSTAB.getMember("asdc...asdasd");


What happen:

Principally the crosstab selection works fine, but I am unable to select the row on every element. For example I have a crosstab with 3 columns (characteristic,characteristic,measure). So I expect, that it does not matter, on which of this 3 columns the user click. But the user selection just works on the second characteristic.

Here is a small example

Red=Selection does not work

Blue=Mouse over

Changing Characteristic order has no effect.

What should I do, to make the complete row selectable?