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Oct 30, 2015 at 11:34 AM

SVT for TSCA and TSCA 5A



Can someone please give me some advice if possible, I am setting up SVT for the US specifically for the TSCA and TSCA5a regulations.

These need to be tracked separately so two separate regs have been created with different limits. ZUS_TSCA and ZUS_T5A. The limits referring to each have been entered into the Pure Sub and the Legal Comp completed in the REAL SUB.

the Config is created using separate validity areas and separate reg lists for both, but both have the US assigned.

When I fill and track and view in CBRC20 all Pures (wether the data be set up for TSCA or T5A) show up as tracked with the quantities relevant to the correct regulation but not displaying the correct regulation, So a TSCA PU is showing up in the T5A report with the TSCA limits. Anyone tried to maintain two regulations for the same country before and did you have this same problem?