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Oct 30, 2015 at 11:06 AM

Help with Planning Using Phantoms



My business is a complex sheet metal manufacturing cell with around 1600 live materials passing through at any one time and is currently set up as MRP driven. Due to this it is dificult to create stability in the planning as our demand signal is varying and we dont have resource to manage 1600 items at MPS.

A lot of these parts are supplied to internal assembly lines and have the same point of consumption so what I am proposing is to look at planning using Phantoms. if my understanding of this process is correct it will allow me to create a KIT phantom of parts with the same consumption point and plan this phantom as an MPS in mf50. Once the planning is complete at phantom KIT level MRP will then manage the base components to the phantom plan.

This is not currently used anywhere in my organisation so my understanding is only what i have read so i may have mis understood this function but please feel free to correct me if this is the case

From what i have found so far this requires special procurment type 60

Will this work how I understand or is there another way?

If this will work can sombody please explain to me how to set this up and what parameters are required?

Ideally if anybody currently uses this in the UK in a similar enviroment/ scenario and would be willing for me to come visit your business. I would be intrigued to see fully how this process works and how this is set up

Thanks in adavance for your help


Ben Mitchell