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Oct 30, 2015 at 09:11 AM

XSLT Problem: Unexpected error while parsing the multi-structure document


Hi experts,

I have a problem with an XSLT Mapping. I have multiple mapping steps, first two graphical mappings, then one XSLT mapping. Occurence of the Messages is 0..unbounded. The XSLT mapping fails with the following error:

Mapping "urn:namespace/operation_mapping" failed to execute: MappingException: Unexpected error while parsing the multi-structure document, NullPointerException: while trying to invoke the method of an object loaded from local variable 'writer'

I am aware of SAP notes 1809068 and 1723202 and I also read the other questions in SCN regarding this problem. The notes say that this is an error in XI Adapter Framework which is fixed by some patches. But: We have PI 7.31 SP15 with patch level 25 and this fixes should be included there:

And one more interesting thing: If I replace the code of my original XSLT with the following (very simple) one, the error does not occur:

This is the original XSLT (it basically reads an authToken from payload an places it in the SOAP:Header):

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks & regards,



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Unbenannt2.PNG (8.9 kB)