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Oct 30, 2015 at 08:42 AM

Different GLs for same bank account transaction type



I am trying to do some configuration on Electronic Bank Statement. Currently we have three different card types coming into our bank statement, lets call these CARD A, CARD B and CARD C. Currently these are configured to all go to the same accounts.

However, now for CARD C, I want to change the GL account determination so that the following gets posted when we receive a payment-

DR Bank

CR 123 Card payments account

This Card payments account is different to the GL for card A and card B. I thought that I needed to do this by configuring a search string, so that wherever "CARD C" is found in the bank statement line, this will automatically go to account 123. However, I have tried to set this up and it is not doing anything, and just going to the normal GL.

Is this the right way to configure this?

The second complication is that we receive CARD C payments to a EUR bank account and a USD bank account. We need the GL to be different in each case. How can I achieve this?

Many thanks in advance