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Oct 30, 2015 at 08:03 AM

How to consume new control



I want to consume new ui5 control which I created in the WebIDE,

The new created control is in done like following in js File under IDEplatform package with name TestNewControl.js


function(coreControl) {


return coreControll.extend("myControl", {

metadata: {



Now I want to consume it from different package/layer/plugin in the web IDE lets say for example platform but any other package that are not related to my plugin, like saptoolset which is

I try tp consume this control on different module


sap.ui.jsfragment("sap.watt.saptoolsets.fiori.test.plugin.test1.view.Ui", {

//And then I call to the new control like

var aa = new sap.watt.ideplatform.plugin.test.controls.TestNewControl({

labelView: oLabelView,

textView: oTextView


but this is not working,I got error and it seems that the new control is not knowen on diffrent package layer,

How it can be done?