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Oct 30, 2015 at 06:57 AM

Need to execute a workflow as a new instance.


Hi Everyone,

Being a novice in workflows , I need your help with the following scenario.

I need to re-instantiate a workflow as a new instance only because the current instance says that the WF status is still "In progress", checking in detail I see that some work items have been logically deleted, I don't know how.. but it seems to have happened when someone was trying to manually complete it.

However I do not know how the workflow is triggered or if at all there is a an underlying business object that triggers it.

When I checked under SWDD>>basic data......... I do not see a start condition maintained in the workflow.

I also checked swe2 for an event linkage ... I do not see an entry maintained.

Can someone explain what does this imply? Is there a way to check the business object that triggers this workflow? or is it maintained somewhere?

Thank you