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Oct 30, 2015 at 06:18 AM

How to Calculate Total of Individual Cell to Overall Result.


Hi Expert's,

I have Created Bex Query For Reporting In that Created 12 Selection's i.e jan.feb.....dec for Calculating total Individual Months based on vendor's and Calculating Total of all 12 months And I am Calculating Avg for Total of individual vendor of all months to overall result I am Getting Wrong Result,Here I have tried with %ct,%gt and %rt all functions showing Same % Avg.In screen I have highlighted two cells first one is total of vendor for 12 months last one total of all vendors for 12 months if I am calculating %avg manually i.e((3926/10835)= 36.23) but I am getting 20.89 this one is wrong how can I get Desire result.




bex problem.png (52.0 kB)