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Customise the CIF queue names, Global CIF locking

Hi expert

We have a requirement that we have two regions ANZ and Europe run Planning (CTM) in separate time zoon. We need close the CIF before the planning run as best practice. However there is a conflict issue that, when ANZ start to run CTM, it is Europe working hours. ANZ job locked the CIF, and it cause the Europe GATP issue.

What we think is to customise the CIF queue names,

  • Customise CIF queue names (CFIPANZ* , for ANZ , CIFEUR* for Europe)
  • When we start the CTM process chain , we could stop the CIFPANZ* only, and it will let the CIFEUR* go.

Is there a standard way BAPI or exit to rename the CIF queue base on the “plants table” for example ?

Any comments idea how the global company solve the Planning run in different time zoon and CIF locking each other issue ?

Very much appreciated.

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3 Answers

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    Nov 03, 2015 at 11:39 PM

    Hi , is there any expert could give some light on this issue, much appreciated, thanks James.

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  • Nov 04, 2015 at 10:03 AM


    Please refer OSS note  786446 - Setting up qRFC queue names for CIF

    Not mentioned  For industry solutions and special customer scenarios, further queue names that are not listed here are possible. Please contact SAP for it.

    Best Regards,


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    • OSS 786446 - Setting up qRFC queue names for CIF explains the current standard SAP naming convention for queue names. 

      What HeQing Cai is looking for is how to "change the CIF queue names" depending upon the location.

      There is no way to do this and every global client has had the same requirement. 

      You should just try to control when jobs run.   PPDS can run independently with CIF for each plant.

      When run SNP global planning then CIF should be stopped. 

      What is your net goal?


  • Nov 05, 2015 at 12:50 PM


    Assumption; since you have two different regions so I am assuming that you have different set of master/transaction data for these regions example locations, customer etc. plus I am not complete aware of dependencies between two regions (which you can check).

    This is what you can try (though I have not but on a high level):

    • Create two different CIF (integration models) models for all transaction data example EU & NZ (in our example SOs IM). They should not have dependency on regions.
    • Now before planning run I am sure you are carrying out CCR activity so that both systems are in sync, as part of your planning run or different steps (but before run).
    • Once above is done above means systems are in sync.
    • Now we trigger PC of NZ but with below adjustment.
    • In this process chain put a job for program RIMODAC2 with "deactivate all versions" before CTM run for NZ integration models (for SO). This will basically lock your transaction data for NZ region (so no more transfer of SO to APO for NZ region) as IM is no more active but both systems were in sync for CTM. Where as EU integration model is active for SOs (GATP) which doesn't have a dependency.
    • Now CTM is getting executed and simultaneously you can do GATP for EU as IM is available.
    • When CTM is finished trigger another job for RIMODAC2 with "Activate with newest version" (could be you have to put for RIMODGEN also for newest version)
    • Thereafter do the CCR to bring back both systems into sync.
    • If above works, same way you can do vice-verse for EU region.

    Of course above approach is not per best practice etc. but if it works then why not to try and use it. Share your results so that we also get an understanding whether it worked or there is/are some drawback(s).



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    • Totally agreed with expert Dogboy 49 but this would be valid for region NZ in above example as IM will be deactivated for this region only but not for EU.

      Now how much impact it will have could be judged by HeQing Cai as we don't know the number of sales order created for this region in this specific time. Same is valid vice-verse.