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Oct 30, 2015 at 05:30 AM

Customise the CIF queue names, Global CIF locking


Hi expert

We have a requirement that we have two regions ANZ and Europe run Planning (CTM) in separate time zoon. We need close the CIF before the planning run as best practice. However there is a conflict issue that, when ANZ start to run CTM, it is Europe working hours. ANZ job locked the CIF, and it cause the Europe GATP issue.

What we think is to customise the CIF queue names,

  • Customise CIF queue names (CFIPANZ* , for ANZ , CIFEUR* for Europe)
  • When we start the CTM process chain , we could stop the CIFPANZ* only, and it will let the CIFEUR* go.

Is there a standard way BAPI or exit to rename the CIF queue base on the “plants table” for example ?

Any comments idea how the global company solve the Planning run in different time zoon and CIF locking each other issue ?

Very much appreciated.