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Oct 30, 2015 at 03:46 AM

0ATINN infobject displaying numeric instead of CHAR ? ATINN conversion routine not working ?


I have added ATINN in one of the standard ds through ds enhancment, and this is being extracted from AUSP - ECC table. This field displays char values in ECC, with the conversion routine option checked in the utilities in ECC. This field is mapped to 0ATINN - standard SAP IOBJ in BI which has a ATINN conversion routine in it. But this field is not showing any char values irrespective when the conversion routine is checked/unchecked during the data display from the extracted DSO. It always shows the numeric digit values and this is same with ECC, when we compare the values between ECC and BI with the conversion routine option unchecked in the menu.

Please find the below screenshots for reference. Any advise of how to get the char values similar to ECC ? Do I need to raise an SAP note for the same as its a standard IOBJ and not working as per the spec ?

Adding to this when I run this CONVERSION_EXIT_ATINN_INPUT FM in ECC by giving the 10 digit numeric value it shows the char value and vice-versa with the output FM...where as the same FM in BI, is not doing anything either with input/output FM. It still shows the same numeric characters of 10 digits ( same in both i/ & o/p),

Please find the attached pictures/


Thank You



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