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Oct 29, 2015 at 09:15 PM

EM OData DateTime Time Zone


We are using the EM OData service to retrieve event handlers for freight orders out of SAP TM. That works fine. However, the format of the event date/time values are not clear to me.

I reported some events for a freight order directly through the TM Transportation Cockpit. My time zone there is set to CET. What confuses me right now, are the resulting values in OData (/FreightOrderEventHandlerDetails):


suggests the event was reported at 13:12:00 CET, as a trailing Z indicates the UTC time zone. But in fact it was not. The correct time is 14:12:00 CET, which is exactly what I entered in the Transportation Cockpit. But there is also the EventTimeZone field:


So maybe the service doesn’t care about the Z pattern at all, if a separate time zone field is provided.

Because then again, there is also this – correctly – added to every entry:


That’s the time I saved my changes in Transportation Cockpit.

So what should I do to use the times provided via OData in a UI5 app and display the values according to the user's local time zone? Check if there is a separate time zone field and manually convert the date/time value, according to a custom time zone table, as the path /TimeZones does only return time zone names but not the offset?

Am I missing a EM (or possibly TM) setting?