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Oct 29, 2015 at 05:09 PM

N-up datawindow, where I need to do a page break per person


I have a datawindow, where they wanted multiple attendance dates to show across in a row

as opposed to 1 date per row

But... we run this datawindow for multiple people.

Normally, we wouldn't clear the datawindow... use a return 2 on the retrieve start

But, if I don't do a reset on the datawindow...and print each separately

it just dumps all the attendance dates in 1 page

I guess I would need to do page breaks per person... but, n-up won't allow me to do that

the datawindow reset is taking a long time, as it goes thru each person... and prints the datawindow

Any suggestions?

basically.... the datawindow is a an Attendance letter

with some text at the top and bottom... and the attendance dates in between

and I need 1 letter per person

John Doe

1/1/2015 1/2/2015 1/3/2015


thank you.... yada yada

next page

John Smith

1/1/2015 1/2/2015

thanks you