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Replicate VA01 process with auto IDOC import

Good afternoon,

First post on this forum and I have a question I need assistance answering regarding the importation or IDOCS automatically into SAP.

Let me outline my situation;

I have an EDI provider who creates IDOC's based on sales orders they receive from my customers. The end goal is to have these IDOC's import automatically into SAP, to save my sales force time from entering orders manually.

I have configured SAP to import the IDOC correctly (via AS2 connection) however, I have an issue which is preventing me going live.

The problem is, due to the way my company structures the customers internally the Sold-To number from the IDOC header, is not the Sold-To number I want to go into the Sold-To section of the order.

My IDOC contains KUAG1004737 in the header - SAP checks a partner profile exists for 1004737 (it does) and enters 1004737 into the Order as the Sold-To Party.

I accept that SAP needs to check the header for KUAG1004737 for the partner profile, but I do not want SAP to enter 1004737 as the Sold-To party number, because it is the wrong number.

My IDOC contains a Ship-To account number (3003012) in the E2EDKA1003 WE line. Ship-To account has an associated Sold-To account, which is NOT 1004737, rather it is 1005011.

My aim is to have SAP read the header, discard the info, populate the Ship-To section of the order with 3003012 from the IDOC, then use the associated Sold-To record that SAP has to enter 1005011 as the Sold-To party number.

If I enter an order manually using VA01, I can enter the Ship-To number, press return & SAP auto populates the correct Ship-To number based on the association. This is what I'm trying to achieve with the IDOC import process.

Does anybody have any idea how to achieve this?

Thanks (sorry if what I'm after is not clear, there's a lot to go on!)


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1 Answer

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    Oct 30, 2015 at 09:42 AM


    Did you check transaction VOE4 ( EDPAR table ). SAP has provided this transaction purposefully to convert external partner to internal  partner. And the good thing is that you don't need to write a single piece of code as SAP has written the code for you if you use standard ORDERS Idoc.

    Hint : Populate the external partner in E2EDKA1-LIFNR not PARTN to make it work.


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      I have used VOE4 to translate the customer account number into my internal account number but this is only for the Ship-To Party;

      Branch 'ABC' - VOE4 converts this to 123, which is correct.

      The IDOC we receive has both PARTN & LIFNR populated with 'ABC' and this works as we require.

      The issue is the Sold-To Party numbers.

      The example I give is;

      IDOC1 has KUAG1004615 in the header - WE3001855 in the body - WE3001855 is linked in SAP to AG1004761

      IDOC2 had KUAG1004615 in the header - WE3003265 in the body - WE3003265 is linked in SAP to AG1004615

      I can't use VOE4 to create a lookup because there will be a duplicate value of KUAG1004615.

      Both IDOC's come through with the same KUAG because the customer orders through the same EDI portal. So my IDOC will always (for this customer) have KUAG1004615 in the header.

      Thanks for your reply!