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V_V2 Rescheduling puts the credit block

When I do a rescheduling job V_V2 in the overnight every day orders are going into credit block even

IF nothing changes into the order. Every day it re block again the same orders.

How can I avoid it???

tihs is OVA8:


OVA8.PNG (38.9 kB)
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2 Answers

  • Posted on Oct 29, 2015 at 04:54 PM

    In OVA8 "Number of Day" set to 999 and "Deviation in %" e.g. to 5

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  • Posted on Oct 29, 2015 at 07:39 PM

    It is likely that the setting would not help in all cases. Number of days setting in OVA8 works only if the following two prerequisites are met:

    • the new value of the sales order is not greater than the approved value;
    • the current date is before the order release date plus the number of added dates.

    The second condition will be most probably fulfilled, but the first one - maybe not. Assuming that V_V2 is used for not fully confirmed orders, in case the increase of confirmed quantity happens for items that are relevant for credit exposure update, this would trigger order blocking again for credit limit reasons. It would help if the not confirmed item is TANN or similar.

    The setting for number of days is mostly useful in case of oldest open items/dunning level problems.

    It would not be very wise to skip the credit block in case the credit value becomes higher than the approved value.

    If I remember correctly, we have already discussed in a previous thread that your customer does not wish to approve orders based on ordered quantity, but based on confirmed quantity, so the other obvious solution (activating the user exit) is not applicable.

    What I fail to understand is: why V_V2 is run so often? In the companies I have worked before (regular business):

    Day 1:

    • Order taking: CIC, mobile;

    Day 2:

    • Credit department releases/rejects the blocked orders, that should be planned on this date until the end of the agreed cut-off time.
    • After credit department finishes with credit release, sales/logistics department run VL10A and create deliveries. We had additional coding in the OVA8 routine to bypass ALL credit checks except critical fields in case a delivery is created. Additional coding was implemented to restrict adding of items/increase of order quantity in case a delivery is already created for an order.
    • Transportation planning, warehouse processing, delivery execution.
    • Route settlement, billing.
    • After finishing billing: A/R summary to have the most recent data for the mobile devices.

    V_V2 was needed only in very rare cases (effective production planning plus good organization).

    I would suggest as a start to try to resolve the problems with production planning/production order confirmation/GR from external vendors or whatever it is that causes partial confirmations and establish clear rules for cut-off times.

    Since you run V_V2 during the night, you are supposed to get in the list orders that are not yet processed by the credit department - so you are actually helping them to get the accurate credit value for release and reduce the credit risk for the company.

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    • Depends what you have done in the routine 😊.

      You need % if you wish to allow additional tolerances in value for order recheck (which is not recommended in some business practices) in the case the released order can be rechecked.

      In the case of using a routine instead of number of days is that ATP is rerun and the order is rechecked for credit, but because of the logic that I use - to bypass credit checks in case the released value is not increased, the order is not getting blocked. If the value is not increased, I need to block it only in case critical fields are changed.

      My order gets full quantity confirmation before I have released it from credit block.

      You can add 1-2 days if you insist to release the orders earlier, but not 999.

      If you have no additional days or % defined, the program would run through the routine anyway. 😊