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Oct 29, 2015 at 01:57 PM

Mergedog for dpserver and scriptserver


Dear all,

within our SAP HANA multitenant environment we regulary getting the following error:


The parameter 'active' in the 'mergedog' section of configuration file(s) is not set to 'yes' for the Default or System layer. This may prevent delta merge processing

Change in SYSTEM layer the parameter active in section(s) mergedog to yes"

The parameter "mergedog" is only set to "no" within "dpserver.ini" and "scriptserver.ini".

My question: the default value for this parameter is "no" on both services, so is it advisable to change this parameter to "yes" ?

Unfortunately i didn´t found any kind of documentation for this issue until now, so your advises are highly appreciated !

best regards