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Oct 29, 2015 at 01:22 PM

changing the language of PO delivery address


hello all

issue is as follows:

the supplier in our PO is from Italy and the purchasing client (creating the PO) is from China.

when printing the delivery address in the PO, the address country is in Italian and the purchaser wants it in English.

so when I check the tab "delivery address" and I do a preview, I see the logon language but by changing parameters "sending country" to Italy, I can indeed see that the address is in Italian instead of English (CINA instead of CHINA).

I was under the impression that table ADRC contains this information but I cannot find the country fully displayed, just the code. also I understand that it is being formatted by a function module but I guess that this info is stored somewhere!

how can I change this info?


cina.PNG (5.1 kB)