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Oct 29, 2015 at 12:25 PM

DS 1.5 SP2 Language settings



we have the requirement to display texts of dimensions in different languages. (German and English)

The texts are derived from the master data.

var strct= "52DN9BAL43BMJU4MDH85V54Q0";

TX_KPI_TITLE_R1C1.setText(DS_KPI_DET_1_1.getFilterText(strct) );

A text field gets the text of the filtered dimension. (in this case a structure in a BW Query)

The connection (BO -> BW) is defined as SingleSignOn.

The language setting in the connection is set to English, but 'remember language' is not marked. This should work since DS 1.5 SPxx. (And it somehow does)

The question now is,where I have to set the correct language to display the text either in English or in German?

So far I found 3 possibilities:

1) BO Launch pad

This is set to use the browsers language settings.

I understand, that this setting is relevant for displaying numbers. (German 1.000,00 <--> English 1,000.00) This part works fine.

2) Browser setting (in this case Firefox, but similar for IE)

As the language is supposed to be defined in the connection (and using the users settings)

3) BW User setting

Unfortunately the texts are not always displayed in the correct (desired) language. German and English display seems to be switching randomly.

Am I missing some setting?

Do I need to empty certain caches/buffers after changing the language in BW? (I emptied the browser cache without success)

Do I need to wait xx minutes after changing the language in BW?

I have to document for the business, how the setting has to be done or how a user can change the displayed language.

Any hint is welcome.

If you need more information, let me know.



PS: Sorry for the long introduction. 😉